On the state of technology


Among those who've got a bit of experience in the field, it is widely held that "public" technology is usually running three generations behind what is in use behind closed doors.

To cut to the chase, for every "Google AI" that is seen making appointments at the hairdresser, somewhere out there in the dark (i.e. a "black" project) is an AI that can debate Dr. Turing into a corner and make him cry.

As another example; for every "7nm processor" crowed about by Intel & AMD et al, there is likely a facility somewhere running a fully realized quantum computer.

You might be wondering why - should such fantastically advanced technology actually exist - it's not known to the public.

There are a variety of reasons, but here are the biggest two:

• The military is a large user of "future tech", and if the capabilities of such tech were publicly available, it would certainly reduce military effectiveness.

• Corporate posturing. Many corporations who are unning such advanced technologies have an advantage over their peers who aren't. If the usage of such technology was known of by competitors, it would likely affect the bottom line.

You may be asking yourself how any of this can be proven, and the answer is simple - time travel!

No, really! Time travel has revealed that this "three generation gap" has existed for decades here in the USA.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, loads of information has been gained regarding the military/government use of technologies from the '40s, '50s, '60s & '70s that represent some of today's hottest "new" consumer technologies.

Such information corroborates the "three generation gap" axiom commonly held ( but unprovable, for aforementioned reasons) in real time.

The truth is out there.