Organic aircraft - flying the starlit skies


Only known image of unknown stealth helo. Photo allegedly taken during a night operation

Hello folks!

I'm back from a trip overseas, and in my mailbox I've found an interesting letter.
The first line asks for me to paraphrase, as the writer is concerned about "phonemic correlation algorithms" or somesuch. I guess we'll have to look into whatever that is at a later time.

The letter begins with a bit about a project from a couple decades back involving genetically modifying a carrot so it becomes a "wonder substance".
No, really, it mentions that some think tank took a carrot and added the DNA that makes an armadillo's shell, DNA that provides the recipe for a spider's webbing and the DNA governing the rapid growth & clinging characteristics of the kudzu vine.

Apparently, this combination makes for a carrot that can be grown around a form and ends up being 25 times stronger than steel and 75 percent lighter. Due to factors unknown, the final substance had a dark brown / black coloration.

Where it really gets interesting is where some brainiac figured out they could grow aircraft chassis out of this stuff. They couldn't find a use case for fixed wing aircraft made out of this substance, but sure did for helicopters.

The letter goes into how the nerds would create a helicopter chassis framework out of fertilizer-coated silk threads & bamboo. This silk and bamboo chassie contained the engine(s), cockpit module and other mechanical systems. The eggheads would then let the modified carrot loose on the framework. After the carrot grew into a complete structurally-sound chassis, they'd trim any rough edges do their static testing, and eventually roll it out for test flights.

The boffins found that during the test flights, the modified carrot chassis also acted as a sound barrier - almost completely absorbing any sounds the helo's operation produced. Further, due to the unique surface of the GMO carrot, the rotors did not make the characteristic noises associate with normal rotor blades, but instead just emitted a low hum when in flight.

Further test flights found these helos could not be heard by the average person until the aircraft got within about 100 feet (30m) of the observer.

The only drawback to this organic helo was found to be that operating in daylight caused the shell to dry out, malforming the aircraft and potentially causing flight failures.

The U.S. military is said to have bought 16 of these special aircraft and only operate them at night.

This letter certainly provides some insight in to why the US only made a token complaint when their Bin Ladin "stealth technology helicopter" wreckage was sent to the Chinese.

Until next time, ade!